I just continue the blog where we left. As a reminder: “Our son wanted us to question him a day before any test. The purpose of the questioning is to identify what he didn’t understand well and have it explained to him one more time.” This mitigation plan was graded as a 5.0, and so we moved forward. Since the process is changed we started observing and measuring all over again.

Before coming up with the results. let us go into details on how the process looks like and what has changed. Simple said, the study steps are: follow class, study at home and do the test. What our son suggested is to introduce a new step between study at home and do the test, being have my parents test me. This does sound reasonable, BUT it requires that nothing changes at the first two steps.

Let’s find out how he did!

Result one was a 4.9, the second result a 4.2 ….. and after 7 scores all the 7 results needly fitted in between 4.0 and 5.5. This was a great result, since math (natural law) teaches us that if you have 7 score in a row like this you have a problem (read risk). Our son did not have that mathematical knowledge but, most fortunately for him, his dad has. I choose to get a bit more into details and used common sense, logic and my calculator prior to consulting him with the results.

The obvious observation is that he (see previous blog) scored 90% of his results between 3.5 and 6.5 and 10% outstanding results. All that needed to be done is get the later percentage to 25%. This is were I used my calculator to see if my observation made sense and it more or less does. However, in order to pass the next grade level, prioritising on which test needs and outstanding score is required.

We sat down again (not in a Japanese restaurant, just at home). I told him how things where going (transparency) and also suggested my risk mitigation plan: get more outstanding results. The main question to him was: “Do you think you can do this?”. KSM teaches us that the one who understand the individual best is the individual self. I think, but we need to find out, my son faced reality and knows what he can do and what he can’t do. His answer was, Yes I can, however I need help! That is what mom and dad are for.

Let’s find out who he did!

Well to be honest, there are only 8 results, so it is a bit to soon to jump into any conclusion. But two out of those scores where outstanding, that is the good news. The bad new is there also is one 2.2, that is a special cause (risk) that needs to be investigated. The other thing is that we have been in Phoenix for a week, and this happened to be during a test week (9 test in 5 days). I can see into the future so know the 25% goal will be achieved, but I highly questioning the correct prioritising.

To be continued